Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sammi Awuku reduced to right size

Sammi Awuku the big foul mouth pompous deputy director of communications of the NPP was yesterday reduced to size by the powerful Supreme court justices.
I'm not really happy about the sentence handed down to him,a mere ban from ever attending any section of the supreme court.
I suppose this was so due to the unanimous pleading on his behalf by all the lawyers appearing before the supreme court both for the pertitioners and the respondents.
This Sammi Awuku Guy has always opened his mouth too wide and has constantly attacked anybody and everyone who isn't a sympathizer of the NPP.
Now I hope he has learned his lessons and I can just imaging how his bowels was rolling over whiles waiting for the 9 super powerful judges went behind closed doors to decide his faith.
And I tell you people, that when the supreme court president was reading his sentence in that stern and powerful tone,never heard of before most people expecially me was hoping they were going to make an example and a scapegoat out of him.
But truth be told, this will not deter the NPP other loud mouths cause they have started accusing the supreme court for gagging it's leaders and have reduced to warn or take notice of NDC leaders who should also be giving the same treatment.
Last night on Joy News, Hon.Maxwell Kofi Dzwumah was at his usual best attacking the judges like there is no tomorrow.
He even thretherned some of the young ministers in Prz Mahamas government, describing them as cockroaches and that when power is restored to the NPP he was personally squash them under his foot.
I say this country has a very uncertain future up ahead.
Let us pray...
LORD JESUS WE................ Amen!

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